Chris Bores
is the first ever Ghost Behaviorist. He studies the behavior patterns of spirits to better understand what they want and how they can be helped. By being a student of psychology, sociology and eastern philosophy, he merges both of these fields together into ghost hunting and is then able to explore the afterlife in a way never done before! This approach is so effective that the first time using these new concepts he was able to obtain a 90 minute interaction with a spirit! That is unheard of in this field. Ghost Behaviorist Chris Bores is breaking all the rules and his interactions are longer, deeper and more personable than ever before. You’ve never seen this level of interaction performed on TV. He is taking spiritual contact to the next level.

 We are based out of Toledo, Ohio serving the surrounding areas, and concepts are pulled from Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, ancient texts like the Tibetan Book of the Dead” and “Egyptian Book of the Dead,” and more are merged together for the very first time to reach a new level of insight. Let me be clear, I do not have any psychic powers or abilities. This next level of contact is achieved through hard work and diligence.
Do spirits float, Need our prayers, Occupy the same space and time? See in the dark? We’ve found these answers and more! 



Chris Bores is the author of Ghost Hunting 2.0, tour guide at Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, OH, has been featured on Hardcore Pawn, Tru TV, Coast to Coast AM, Darkness Radio, CBS News, FOX News, ABC News, ATARI Game Over Documentary, “Dayton Ghosts”, “Star 105.5″ Morning Radio, Toledo Blade, Toledo Free Press, and previously YouTube’s 2010 55th Most Subscribed Channel.

“You sound mathematical in this approach! You’re kind of like Da Vinci.” – Mike Shannon, Star 105.5 FM

“I am so intrigued. I want to know what spirits are sensitive about!” – Melissa Andrews, Fox News

“One of my longest sessions with the dead was 10 minutes. With Chris, it seemed like a solid hour.“ – Matt Hladik, Ghost Tour Guide

Chris Bores


Chris has spent years studying the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’, psychology, sociology, world religions, quantum physics, and more to help find the next level of ghost hunting.He has broken down the spirit world by psychological mindsets of spirits in order to chart out the problems plaguing the paranormal and how to treat them. He relies on many years of study into various topics and cultures to accomplish this goal. In his documentary, ‘Pursuit of the Paranormal’ Bores shows how effective his new approach really is by obtaining the first ever 90 minute interaction with a spirit. Interactions continue to last well over 30, 60 and  90 minutes long proving he is indeed changing the game.

Alan Cicco


Alan Cicco has helped to contribute to the next level of ghost hunting. He is an ordained priest in the eastern religions. Alan is founder of the Red Lotus Temple, holds a Master’s degree in the study of death, and a knowledgeable background in psychology.  Alan studies various cultures, religions, and belief systems in the afterlife.  Alan also assists in various spirit communication efforts as the case study for the afterlife continues. He was instrumental in Chris’s 90 minute conversation with a spirit.


New Paradigms Being Implimented 


Eastern Philosophy

We are the first ghost hunters to use Eastern philosophy in the field of ghost hunting. This rare insight to the spirit world helps us build comfort with spirits in a way rarely achieved. Ghost Hunters often implement techniques based on the western culture view thought. This keeps ghost hunters locked into a circumstance where the same tired scenarios keep playing out over and over again. This is what currently plagues paranormal television and is the main reason why people are tuning out to these shows. Ghost Hunting through the eastern point of view allows us to explore the spirit world in a fresh bold new way and achieve a deeper level of interaction with spirits.

6 Classifications of Spirits

Lets face it, you cannot approach every single spirit the exact same way. Using psychology as a foundation to interact with the spirit world is a necessity to this next level ghost hunting approach. By breaking down the psyche of a spirit, I have been able to break down their mind states into 6 quantifiable spirit types. Separating the spirits through this unique classification system helps me to understand their ailments and allows me to figure out how to approach each one accordingly so that they are more willing to speak and interact with us. This also leads to longer and deeper interactions with spirits.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

No other ancient text has been as important to understanding the afterlife than the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This may be one heady text to dive into for newbies, but grasping the concepts within this book has helped us considerably in this endeavor on so many levels. This document has proven invaluable to our research. It contains insights into the spirit world so that we can understand how to approach the spirit realm.