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Chris Bores with Les Gold of Hardcore Pawn. Appearing in Season 9 to show off the Ovilus!

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Pursuit for the Paranormal is the case study of talking to spirits and interviewing them about the afterlife. By merging psychology, philosophy and ancient texts, and ghost hunting all under one banner, uncovering secrets about the afterlife has never been more explosive!

Chris Bores is one of the leading Ghost Communicators in the paranormal field. He has created new tactics and a new approach to ghost hunting by collecting data about the afterlife through conversations with the dead. Chris has spent years studying a wide variety of topics that include the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’, psychology, and more. Chris’s documentary, ‘Pursuit of the Paranormal’ showcases how effective these tools are in the field. He relies on many years of study into various topics and cultures to accomplish this goal. Interactions in the field have lasted 30, 60 and even 90 minutes long which proves how combining all these areas of research is critical.
Chris Bores is currently the ghost tour guide for the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo Ohio. To date he is the only ghost hunter in the field to obtain a conversation with a spirit lasting for over 90 minutes long.

Chris has been featured on Hardcore Pawn, CBS News, FOX News, “Dayton Ghosts”, “Star 105.5″ Morning Radio, Toledo Blade Newspaper, Toledo Free Press, and previously YouTube’s 55th Most Subscribed Channel in 2010.