Pursuit of the Paranormal

Communicating directly with a spirit is a rare feat in the field of ghost hunting. Pursuit for the Paranormal is the case study about the afterlife through data gathering and interacting methods with spirits.

Chris Bores is one of the leading Ghost Communicators in the field of Ghost Hunting. After obtaining a 90 minute conversation with a spirit with a brand new skill set of his own design, he continues to push the envelope in spirit communication.
Team member Alan Cicco also joins in to help bring new answers to light. With these revolutionary skill sets in place, undocumented information about the spirit realm keeps unfolding. No other ghost hunting show, medium or psychic has ever approached the talking points of what this case study entails!

We are not out to just experience the paranormal. Everything we do, everything we say, has purpose. Pursuit of the Paranormal showcases our first footsteps with this skill set. We walked away with jaw dropping evidence that will challenge the paranormal research mindset forever. I challenge anyone to find a more powerful message in any ghost hunting show out there.