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Detailing Why Paranormal ‘Ghost Hunter’ Stabbed Himself Inside ‘Ax Murder House’

Detailing Why Paranormal ‘Ghost Hunter’ Stabbed Himself Inside ‘Ax Murder House’

Here is a news article that is gaining traction in the paranormal world: A man reportedly stabbed himself inside of an Iowa haunted house called the Villisca Ax Murder House,which is frequented by paranormal investigators. Robert Laursen, 37, was spending the night at the home for a group investigating when he stabbed himself inside one of the rooms.

Now the house itself is very well known in the area for doing investigations and in the article it points out that they had a few scheduled with other groups later that week. So the location is well known to the area.

At first glance, everyone probably wants to throw around the word ghostly possession, or some type of possession to be behind this event. Here is a case of a man entering into a haunted location, spending the evening there, and then stabbing himself without probable cause. First let’s state the glaring rational reasons why this could have happened. This yokel could have been mentally unstable. Secondly he could have been trying to seek attention through some psychological pretense. The possibilities in the psychology arena could be endless. Third, it could be of a paranormal nature. I don’t want to instantly jump to those conclusions but for all intents and purposes of informing the public, let us examine the different cases of possession that I have come to understand. Nothing is as white and black as it appears on the outside. In the paranormal world there are many shades of grey, and there are different types of spirits on the other side that can and will act accordingly. This is exactly why I address these different spirit types in my longer lectures.

A Demonic Possession Okay this possibility is very extreme. If I had a nickle every time someone wanted to go for the worse case scenario outcome in the paranormal field, I’d be a rich man. Just for the sake of argument though, let us go ahead and say yes this is a demonic possession. If so, his problems have only just begun. A demon will not give up his host so quickly. Destruction, rage, condemnation and more are all states of mind these being exist in. One little stabbing incident will not be enough to satisfy this demons thirst. Plus with this man being so weak minded that a demon was able to take hold so easily, he will be coming back for more. So if this is the case, he better be seeking some help or things could downward spiral from here.

An Earthbound Spirit – In my lectures I call these spirits by another name but without going through a lengthy explanation, we will call them earthbound spirits. I know some of you are scratching your heads thinking “an earthbound spirit?? How could they possess someone?!”
Simple. There are many ancient texts out there that talk about normal spirits being able to possess the living. This is why Jewish Rabbi’s told their students not to go near haunted caves, why they also told the common folk to pray before each meal and before consuming alcohol. This was important so that a spirit could not swoop into a living body if the alcohol had impaired the individual leaving the body wide open for an earthbound possession. Earthbound spirits are here because they have unfinished business. One of those orders of business might even be craving human form and wanting to relive the pleasures only found in the living state. Eating, drinking, even harming its own flesh just to feel again are all on those checklists!

A Confused Spirit – Confused spirits are confused, plain and simple. I’ve encountered spirits that don’t know what gender they are, have no idea why they are even at a location and so on. It may stand to reason that a confused spirit swopped in and because was so disoriented, took control of this poor guy and stabbed himself not knowing what was going on. This especially could be the case if the spirit is the very same that gave this haunted location the ‘Ax Murder House’ moniker.