The Most Controversial Ghost Hunting Book in Years!




 Ghost Hunting 2.0 presents a highly controversial but effective new approach to ghost hunting leading to deeper answers.


What is the next step in ghost hunting? Ghost hunters are using the same methods and tactics leading to the same outcomes. What is needed is a new way of doing things, a method that is far more effective than the old way of doing things.

When Chris Bores embarked on his journey to uncover more about the afterlife through interactions with spirits, he had no idea the information he would pull from them about the spirit realm. By using a new approach that combines together psychology, philosophy, ancient texts like the Tibetan Book of the Dead, quantum physics, and more, he is able to shed light on the paranormal in a way never accomplished before. You will learn about his new approach to the spirit world, his classifications of spirits, and his journey of interacting with ghosts.

Ghost Hunting 2.0 answers burning questions that have stumped researchers for years.

  • Do spirits actually float?
  • Do they retain their memories?
  • Can they fall in love?
  • The truth about residual hauntings
  • Why can’t we capture them on film?

Your entire paranormal outlook will change after reading this book.

If you have felt that the field of paranormal research has hit a wall during the last few years, then Ghost Hunting 2.0 is for you. Both ghost hunting beginners and professionals will find value in the new approach that Chris uses towards the paranormal. Ghost hunting will never be the same again!


  • Katrina Rose (Paranormal Author): I don’t really need help in attracting spirits. I did however, learn a few things which I was expecting given my natural abilities.
  • Dave Lapham (Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Author): Chris Bores promises to break new ground, and he does, indeed, present new ideas and concepts which have never been considered in paranormal investigating.


Amazon’s Best Selling #12 in Ghosts and Hauntings, #14 in Unexplained Mysteries, #16 in Supernatural, #1 Hottest New Release (Oct 28th)

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